Indonesian Novels


  1. Perang Bintang(Trilogi Zona, #2) by Sekar Dewi
  2. Stiletto Merah, Senyawa Cinta, Alasan Sentimentil by Lusi Wulan
  3. Summer Breeze: Cinta Nggak Pernah Salah by ORIZUKA
  4. Oppa & I: Love Missions by ORIZUKA
  5. Fate by ORIZUKA
  6. High School Paradise by ORIZUKA
  7. Love United: High School Paradise 2nd Half by ORIZUKA
  8. I For You by ORIZUKA
  9. Infinitely Yours 
  10. A Very Yuppy Wedding by IKA NATASSA
  11. Divortiare by IKA NATASSA
  12. Twivortiare by IKA NATASSA
  13. Autumn in Paris by ILANA TAN
  14. Winter in Tokyo by ILANA TAN
  15. Miss Pesimis by ALIAZALEA
  16. Crash Into You by ALIAZALEA
  17. Celebrity Wedding by ALIAZALEA
  18. The Devil in Black Jeans by ALIAZALEA
  19. With You by Christian Simamora and Orizuka
  20. Restart by NINA ARDIANTI
  21. Fly to the Sky by NINA ARDIANTI
  22. Sempurna by Nonier
  23. You Are My Sunshine: Matahari dari Tokyo by CLARA CANCERIANA
  24. If You Were Mine by CLARA CANCERIANA
  25. I Hate Rich Men by Virginia Novita 
  26. Diorama Sepasang Albanna by Ari Nur

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