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Review: Beautiful Redemption

December 02, 2017

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I always love the story about second best as an heroin, because there she will struggle to make the hero make her as the first.

Finish the book i love so much is not easy, because it means that i finish to read the story of couple i love the most. It also means that i still need more. And i need more conflicts of Liis and Thomas.

I feeling a little sad right now, because i can't see their moment again, and i suddenly miss them. I usually read the book before i sleep at night. But this, i always tried to find a time to read this story. Only because i wanted to know every Liis's decisions when it was about Thomas.

So, we knew Thomas since the previous book. About how heartbroken he was. Honestly, i read Beautiful Oblivion only wanted to know Thomas deeper. It was success to make me feeling so much heartbroken when he still had the feeling so deep toward his ex when there was Liis who had the personality i love the most. Maybe because i knew who was his ex, and how hard for him to move on, and how hard for Liis to make Thomas made her the first best.

I love the story so much because Liis had a really strong personality. She was so good at pretending about her feeling. She was strong but scared. She tried found a way to save her own heart. I wanted to be her if i in her position. She feeling ashamed to be so jealous about Thomas's ex, even thought it's natural for her feeling so.

The part i love the most from this story was about Liis who did not want to be the second best, or third as she said. She choose to stay away from Thomas than hurt herself because of feeling being the third. She stand on her foot, persistent, and in control. Even when she said she was out of control, she still can make it at least looked in control for Thomas.

Finally, it's hard for Thomas to get Liis because he indeed needed to know that he couldn't love two people forever. I mean, it's okay with him, but it's not okay for Liis accepted that the man he love missed another woman, or still feeling hurt and heartbroken when she saw his ex with her now boyfriend. When Thomas got over her ex, and convince Liis that she was the only one for him, and that not only once but several times, finally that was what she needed until she could saw the sincerity and honesty in his word.

I am so happy to see both of them, and honestly, i still need more.

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