About Me

My name is Linna. 
I really love romance book and I actually read another genre but it's rare except I should be. I love romance book, but with happy ending, no else. I hate sad ending even when the story is good.

Romance books, Sci-Fi movie, korean drama, comics

Favorite Books
historical romance, paranormal romance, Young Adult Romance, New Adult Romance, Indonesian Romance, Happy Ending

The Way I Rate Books
Every book that I give stars and review, they all are my honest opinion. These are my describing stars.

5 stars : Oh God it's really good. My heart pounding in almost all of the part. This is my favorite plot, characters, story, really good conflict and climax, and take all my emotions. I love it from start until end. Maybe I will re-read again. Recommended! It always get about 90-100/100 points from me.
4 stars : Just a little part I don't like, but overall I love it. I still like the story, plot, characters, and all, even conflict and climax. It still make my heart flutter :D still recommended and get about 80-90/100 point from me.
3 stars : It's good. But just good. I still love overall from this book, but I have complaints over it. They are because I bored, I don't like either the conflict, climax, story, character, or plot. Maybe because there is a part I feel it's flat but another part still can make my heart flutter and still can take my emotion. It can because the story is not good but the ending is really good. It gets about 65-80/100
2 stars : Oh God, it's bad. It waste my time, and I don't get the emotion, not even make my heart flutter. All of the part, from start until end, it's flat. I skip it often. But I like the author, or somehow I still have respect with this book. It gets about 40-65/100
1 stars : No, no, no! How can this kind of story is published? It is the worst. I cannot enjoy anything, not at all.  

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