Johanna Lindsey

The Present by Johanna Lindsey (Malory-Anderson Family #6)

February 23, 2015

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As the entire Malory family gathers at Haverston to celebrate the season, a mysterious present arrives anonymously. The gift is an old journal -- a tender and tempestuous account of the love affair between the second Marquis, Christopher Malory, and a dark gypsy beauty named Anastasia, who seeks a love match with a non-gypsy in order to save herself from a prearranged marriage to a brute. Though the dashing English lord Anastasia sets her sight upon burns for the exquisite, exotic miss, Christopher could never consent to wed such a lowborn lady. But miracles have been known to happen in this season of peace and giving and love, as two extraordinary people seperated by cicumstance of birth begin a passionate dance of will and wiles. And in the miraculous blossoming of a glorious romance at a long ago Christmastime, there are wise and well-learned lessons that will enrich the hearts of the Malory descendants -- and, indeed, of everyone who has ever dreamed.

My Review:
I particularly liked the ending of this novel. Geez, if anyone asks what is my judgment to give 5 stars for book I read? The answer is the end of story of the book itself. End of story in the novel has always successfully provided a strong influence for my judgment. And I think a good novel is what got me itching to discuss it shortly after I finished reading it, which is when I've reached the end of the story.

Malory family story that I recently read is just a story between Reggie and Nicholas, and I fell in love with the character of each person in this family. It could be said that The Present is the epilogue of the series itself. I really felt the family atmosphere in this book, members of his family are so many, and there is the excitement that makes me excited to follow. I haven’t read the story of many couples here but they capture my interest, so this novel success to make me even more curious with each of their love story.

The story of a family who raised the love relationship between nobles and commoners are very fascinating. Geez, I'm amazed by the way JL tells the origin hunch ability which is owned by Edward and Amy. I fell in love with Amy and thank God I will read her story after this.

I liked the plot, Ana Malory inherit a journal to her grandchildren based on a hunch. Romantic nuance is not too pronounced, but the passionate sense of the journal which was created by a father who could get into the right hands as his hunch was makes this novel still feels incredible. Fascinating by the character of Ana especially when she said detailed instructions based solely on a hunch. And because of its accuracy, obviously this is an gipsy inherited talent.

Oh, I love this book so much,
5 stars I put it in this novel is not based on the romance nuance, but the mystery which is perfectly presented in this novel. At first I was not interested in following the story of Ana and Chirstoper because they were characters in the past. But when it came to a part of the story about a hunch and etc., I just could not stop reading.

Alina Za

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