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Review: Beautiful Oblivion

December 02, 2017

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

well, i'm not sure how to review this book. I knew that I would actually loved Trenton.
But, i read endlessly beautiful first and knew what his story about.
I had expected about what i would find when reading this book, and i knew that in a big part, i would not like it.

That's right. Even if the story was cute enough, even if Trenton was charming as well, and this was a good book from the start, but i never could accept story about cheating. Okay, Cami was not cheating, she just had a friend that really close with her. It just hard to like the heroin... maybe because T.J was a good, or really good boyfriend. There was nothing wrong with him, but their relationship just could not work out. Cami was the one who felt different, especially after Trenton chase her. Then, she just... tried to pretend that Trenton only a friend when her heart saying the opposite.

And all about the lying. Well, maybe even thought there were moment i love so much, overall the story did not work out to me.

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