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Review: The Redemption Series 3-Book Bundle: Isn't She Lovely, Broken, Crushed

December 06, 2017

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, i read all the books in this series, and i enjoyed follow every story for each main characters. My my, they so lovely. If i make a rank, i think i will put Ethan story on the first place, follow by Michael, then Olivia.

The three of them have a big problem as best friend forever, some of them betraying and less understanding each other. They finally separate and find their own way of redemption, even i know that the redemption only on Olivia and Michael side, that's way Ethan put on the prequel book.

Anyway, I like the story enough to follow each of book. I though each character here was worth to follow, because they had the same and different heartbreaking and needed to move on. The way they moved was different for each character, but they had the same goal.

Well, what i loved the most also maybe i could find the story of 'second best' in different situation. Olivia as the girl, Michael to get rid his feeling of Olivia, and Ethan who was betrayed and was forced to move on. And i like the way story was delivered with both of POVs as hero and heroin so i would get answer of questions about how the hero did the moved on, when on other story maybe we would only be put on the heroin POVs. So I like the story enough i think i finished them all in the short time (at least for me). And feeling like i needed to read them all after learning each character on the first book of this series.

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