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Review: Kiro's Emily

March 18, 2017

Kiro's Emily

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I didn't intended to read this book. Really. I had known how this story would be end, that there will no happy ending. I had catch a glimpse about Kiro and Emily in Harlow's story and it hurt so much. It hurt saw how her Dad adored her Mom so much when Emmy practically couldn't do anything. How she finally saw another side of her Dad, that was so sad when in whole book I annoyed with Kiro then he asked Harlow to follow and witness his only love for her Mom. Emmy was died outside and saw it and the way Kiro in front of Harlow's Mom was hurt so much. So when Harlow went to bathroom and cried because she never thought that Kiro was still in love in her Mom, i cried too. Even now when i remembered how sad that scene in Harlow's book i felt like i wanted to cry again. And here i just read the love Emmy had for Kiro.

It made so much worse because I knew who was Emily, really known her, so when I back to previous book and read about her, it was so painful.

I had known that I would feeling like this, this kind of painful for both of them. That's why I didn't intended read this book on first place. But today, suddenly, after a long time didn't read this series, I curious about how big Emily and Kiro love each other. I happened to read this book.

And that was big. Their love. That's a huge love. This book was really thin, only 107 pages, but it wrapped all the story from the first book of series and all made sense after read this book. It delivered perfectly the bond of both of them. Kiro was the possessive one and that was sweet. And Emily, sure every one would love her, she was a good woman, kind hearted woman, she lived a life. I love and adored her so much.

The end of this woman life was tragic, and sad, and painful for everyone love her. After all these times i read her thoughts, it was so hurt that i couldn't get into her thought again. She love her daughter so much but couldn't see her grow up, married and had her own life. Kiro was the same. What happened to Emily changed him. Kiro become getting worse outside, he even couldn't raise Harlow alone because he felt cannot be a good father without Emmy on his side. Kiro and Emmy never prepared this would happen to them, so there was no the last words. Just Emily in coma for 5 years and she never came back.

The deserved much better of life. Not this kind of end.
But, yeah, you know, this series was not about them. This series about generation after them, and to make a good book, there should be a story that hurt, dark, and painful, isn't it?.This series actually sacrificed this couple to make a good twist. But still, i felt a little guilty read this book because it beautiful and hurt, but then, i couldn't stand of my curiosity so here i am. Read this book, and crying so much.

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