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Review: Puddle Jumping

March 17, 2017

Puddle Jumping

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Finally found another favorite book!
OMG. I love this book. So. So. So much. Maybe i will read this book again. I have missed Colton and Lilly anyway.

I don't know why I finally took this book (and i always have this kind of reason every time i read a good, perfect book for me), i just remember ever saw this book and passed it. Then i was searching list of comedy romance book, there was this book. I was searching about Aspergers and there was this book. I searched about unrequited love, and also about childhood love and always cought this book. I didn't have any idea about this book. My friends like this book so much, and this book have a good rating. That's enough reason for me to read this book right?

So i read this book.

And oh my my my myyy.. This book was absolutely worth to try! I need this kind of books more and more and more. Any recommended will accepted as long as not a sad ending.

Actually not many of books that could fit my expectation lately. I can give 5 stars for books i read but it doesn't mean that book become my favorite one. Then i can give lower than 5 stars, but maybe it was kind of my favorite read. I have read about 18 books in this 2017 (Jan-March) but my only favorite is Archer's Voice and Quirky Tale of April Hale.

I met with Lilly, and i knew i would love this book.
The way Lilly told the story, Calton, her life, her attitude.... was fascinating. I would say little Lilly was really funny, brave, do what she wanted, love adventure, cheerful, kind hearted. Kind of girl who would make you fell in love easily because she never thought much for everything. She followed her heart and it kinda sweet for me. This girl was also unique, she was clumsy but she never blame anyone for what happened to her, and that who she was. Little Lilly always cute in my eyes, she just a little girl who always tried to find the way to be happy and having fun. I love the way Amber pictured Lilly from the way Lilly saw everything in her world.

The story was opened by Lilly told about a boy and the way she told as if there was no wrong from this boy. She thought he was a regular boy, and she realized in years forward that he indeed a different one.

Lilly teenager was not less interesting. She still knew what lost from her heart, what she looked for those whole time. She still was brave, but here she was also patient, understanding, funny, and she loved Calton, so much. She knew she loved that boy and that's why she wanted to learn everything about him even she knew that maybe he would never treated her with the same way. Maybe theirrelationship couldn't stand for long because Lilly was just a girl. Both of them was really different and it made the amazing Lilly became insecure and vulnerable. She hard to read Calton and experienced became him, that's made her understanding getting harder, but she tried, and never gave up for him. Even though she felt like only she herself who fought for him, and it made me sad. But she wanted to be him, so that what she did.

Calton hard to express himself, it made us as a reader, or Lilly as an heroin often felt frustrated and felt ignored. Feeling not important for him and found herself alone and alone again and that she deserved more. She always prioritize him more than herself while he did not do the same. But that because who he was, because his condition. Hard for people, even for Lilly to understand that Calton also tried hard and that what heart wrenching from this story. When we knew that Calton also fought for her, we would love him. We would never want to leave him and we wanted to teach him. That's what Lilly did. She overcompensate him more and more and she got the result. Calton also loved her, so much, in a same amount just different way to express it. And Lilly deserved that big of loved from Calton. I'm so proud with this heroin because she hurt so much but she still stand and it's not easy became her. She had a strong character from she was still a little Lilly.

The whole story was about a boy who had what called Asperger, and i indeed searched this book after reading The Quirky Tale of April Hale which was became my other favorite book. I wanted to read the story with same issues and here was it. In the Quirky April Hale, the one who had the condition was April, the heroin, and the story used her POV so we saw the whole story from POV of girl who had that condition. The one who fought much was the hero and that also succeeded make me again, cried a lot in the process of their relathionship. There was so much different if i wanted to compared both of these book. The stories had their own uniquely in story and the way they brought the emotion. And I love all of them. All became my favorites even thought i love this a little more. And i always loved the story without triangle love, not much of misunderstanding, always honest to each other, and brought much scattered love. That's way this book became my new favorite one! Because the story here was a lot about a girl who fought for her love life and a boy who fought a same love in his condition. That was something sweet for me. I fell hard for this story.

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