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Review: Seduction and Snacks

March 24, 2017

Seduction and Snacks

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is hilarious. Seriously. I laugh too much because of this piece of book. I do searching for comedy romance book lately that can make me laugh so much. There are some really funny and and I happen to love this book!

There are many things make this book worth to read and why this book is really funny.

Single mom's issues was the first thing catch my interest to read this book. And it's not only because the heroin was a single mom. But the hero happened to be her Dad's Son. So I really wanted to figure how the story would became. Honesty, I couldn't put this book down before I really finished it. Every scene inside only brought me to read more. Every moments was interesting and hilarious that I couldn't stop reading it.

And Gavin! Who would not love him?
The first time I realized that this story was about a woman who should raise her child alone because she couldn't find who was his dad, i really anxious to know more.

The way Claire told the story at the first sound annoying. Why oh why she always said that she didn't wanted a kid? And she said many bad things about raising a child. But after I knew that she was the one of Moms, I couldn't angry with her. She had every right to complained about what happened in her life yet she still wanted to raise her own child. She scarified anything only for her Son even without father figure.

I really curious about her son because she never really told about him in some of first book. He busy told about her life and I couldn't get the visual how the result of her raising her Son, Gavin.

So when finally Gavin, 4 years old kid, appeared in this book and talking... wow, i just wanted to jump. OmyGod he was so cute! He's naughty and had a mouth but I love him directly I knew him. He's kind of smart, always talked, and curious about everything around him. He said everything in his head even if it was bad but he still a kid with good heart like his parent. He made Claire crazy in every situation but she still tried hard to raise him. The way she raised him was so touching and awesome. She flawless but she never gave up because she loved her child so much.

I never bored with moments of Gavin and Claire. Add I love the story more when I saw Gavin and Carter moments, then much more love the story when saw Claire, Gavin, and Gavin moments. They learned and learned to be a good parent, but not a perfect parent. They did a mistake but they tried again and that was kind of sweet of them. I laugh a lot when finally oh finally Carter met his son. I wanted to scream because I was really happy with this kind of turning point. The shock moment when Carter found that he had a son and 'this kind of son'. OMG. I love it.

I love their moments and hoping the story would not be end. I missed them already and wanted to see... maybe until Gavin became adult? (and then I just knowing that there was his book OMG I love Tara Sivec) Hahaha.

I love the story i dont want separated with this family. As a parent, Claire and Carter did not have a clue for what they wanted to do because their son growth like this, because it happened not good, but they tried hard to make his son have a good heart and that he was. Gavin, with every behaviors that could make you crazy,, but he was such a sweet kid and you would love him.

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